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African Dodger

At the end, thirty feet or so from the counter that closed the entrance, a grinning Negro face bobbed and grimaced through a hole in the back curtain painted to represent a jungle river. The Negro’s head came right out of the spread terrific jaws of a crocodile. “Hit the nigger in the head, get a good ten cent seegar,” the barker said. “Three balls for a dime, folks. Try your skill and accuracy. Hit the nigger baby on the head get a handsome cane and pennant” 
This was a common chant at numerous carnivals, fairs, and circuses across the United States throughout the late 19th century until the mid 1940s, as Americans took part in one of their favorite pastimes, “African Dodger.”

"IT SEEMED TO ME HE WAS ALWAYS SMILING, AND IT WAS A WHILE BEFORE I CAME TO UNDERSTAND THAT THE SMILE COVERED SOME DISAPPOINTED VISION OF HIMSELF." With those words, Cager Hart recalls his impressions, as a ten year old boy, of Jim Lax, a black man who had turned up at a carnival, in the summer of 1940, looking for work.
Jim hires on an as “African Dodger.” Each night, in a flare-lit arena, he must stick his head through a hole in a hanging tarpaulin and dodge baseballs. As summer passes, Jim and Cager develop a close bond. Jim is different from previous “Dodgers.” Soft spoken and educated, he clearly doesn’t belong in a carnival. Cager knows little about his friend, except that he once fought in the prize ring and saw combat in the First World War. The rest of his past remains a mystery, and the boy begins to suspect he might be running from something.
One night Jim is hit with a baseball in what will prove a fatal head injury. Now the novella shifts into Jim’s mind as he lies on a mattress of beech leaves in his darkened tent and begins to relive, in a series of flashbacks, the major events that have shaped his life.
THE AFRICAN DODGER is the story of a man, broken by war and left to question the value of his own existence in a morally shattered world. It is a psychological departure point in his life that will take him on a journey from postwar France into a remote region of Tibet, then back to the Harlem Renaissance of the “Roaring ‘Twenties” and a passionate love affair with the colored mistress of a white racketeer. Jim’s star-crossed relationship with Virgie, a girl from his past, lies at the heart of the story and the “mystery” of the “African Dodger.


Video: People’s Climate March Lays Out the Science, Dovetailing With Traditional Knowledge

There is but one week to go until what’s being billed as the biggest climate march in history occurs, in New York City, as world leaders converge to talk at the United Nations on the crisis facing our planet. Will they listen to the people thronging the streets? The People’s Climate March organizers hope so. They, and the scientists, say our survival as a species depends on it.

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Associated Press: Earth’s protective but fragile ozone layer is beginning to recover, largely because of the phase-out since the 1980s of certain chemicals used in refrigerants and aerosol cans, a U.N. scientific panel reported Wednesday.

For the first time in 35 years, scientists were able to…

Most artists take their invitation to DJ for Boiler Room very seriously. Then there is Grimes. The Boiler Room hit Ibiza today for a party at influential electronic artist/DJ Richie Hawtin’s house, and Grimes was present to provide music for an hour. Instead of digging for some deep cuts and giving the people what they want, Grimes took a very different route.

Her set included Taylor Swift, Daddy Yankee, Venga Boys, and, of course, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You.” She played the music off of her iPod.

grimes inovando como se fosse alguma inovação.

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“Holding two plastic models of the Windsors’ reproductive cells, the CNN host Don Lemon offered viewers a dramatic re-creation of the path taken by the royal spermatozoon.”

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ora ora, o pintinho desta segunda na folha.


ora ora, o pintinho desta segunda na folha.